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You Are Our Most Important Customer

The goal of Kingdom Gems is to create a very personalized experience when purchasing fine jewelry. At Kingdom Gems, you will be made to feel like you are our most important customer. Here are some ways in which Kingdom Gems excels at creating a very personalized experience for you:

  1. You will speak directly to a certified gemologist who has graduated from the GIA Institute and has decades of experience in the jewelry industry. In most jewelry stores, you will only be able to speak to a salesperson who is not professionally trained in gemology. 

  2. We will work with your budget! Instead of just locking you into purchasing what we have in our show case, we take the time to find the highest quality diamonds and fine jewelry for your budget. With our numerous connections within the fine jewelry industry, we can typically find jewelry that will be very high quality for a price that the chain jewelry stores could not match.

  3. We treat all of our clients with a very high level of integrity.  Since we are disciples of Jesus, we believe that it is more important to tell the truth, even if it means that we loose money. This is so important because many, in the fine jewelry industry, will try to take advantage of their customers by inflating the quality of a diamond because they know the average person cannot tell the difference between, for example, a VS1 and a VS2 clarity on a diamond. At Kingdom Gems, we will always tell you the truth!

  4. You can purchase your fine jewelry from the comfort of your home while speaking to a real person. You will ALWAYS be able to speak to a gemologist directly over the phone who will walk you through how to purchase the highest quality fine jewelry for the best price. 

  5. We take the time to listen to your needs. As disciples of Jesus, it is more important for us to make our customers happy than to make more money. Helping people is more important than money to us! We learned this after spending many years in the full time ministry in many churches across the United States. Helping people is what we do!

       There are many, many more reasons why you will love working with Kingdom Gems. Please contact us today and we promise that you will have an excellent customer experience with Kingdom Gems.

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